DIY: Lighthouse Lamp

Hi :)

I am posting this without many details and/or instructions because I can't take the credit but I think it's a great DIY and definitely wanted to share it! For our nursery we wanted a cute lamp but nautical, rope, or driftwood lamps are ridiculously expensive to buy... prices ranging from $75-200! (Keep in mind I'm a cheapskate... uhhh I mean thrifty?)

So here's what we started with and then ended with:

The lighthouse was a decorative accessory at Hobby Lobby but the top knob was broken off... light bulb! This was perfect to retrofit for a light. Plus because it was broken I got it for 60% off ($10)!

This is basically where my skills and contribution stopped haha. I passed this item over to my father-in-law, Rick, and he pretty much did the rest! He added a wood base to weight the lighthouse since it was really light and would easy fall over when turning the light on or when you put the shade on top. He added a light bulb using a light kit with the wiring that came from the wood base. Lastly, he added a color changing light on the inside too. :) A neat little night light with a separate switch. I know I'm making this sound really simple and that it actually took some time and energy to put it together!

You can't tell but the lamp shade looks like a burlap (but not rough at all) and has a navy rope border on the top and bottom. It works great!

All in all here's about what you would spend on making a similar lamp:
- $10 decorative base
- $11 for a lamp kit (purchase at the hardware store)
- $10 shade (or you can find them at thrift stores for about $4 but we were looking for something in particular)
- scrap wood (find it for free on craigslist if you don't have it already)
- optional: color changing lights and I don't know how much these are or where you find them :)

For $25-30 you can create your own lamp and it's something you can be proud of! I didn't do the work but it's special that our son's grandpa made it. :) And it's something I can do in the future.

How can you get creative to save even more? A DIY base too?! If you have any ideas then please share!

-> Kassy <-


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