DIY Perfume Rollers

It was about three years ago that I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first, a boy. At that time I was deciding on nursery decor, diapers, wipes, baby bubble bath, diaper creams, etc. I have been accustomed to reading food labels and checking ingredients but then I was starting to take notice of the labels and ingredients in other items. I was concerned when I found out what was in these baby products! I also became concerned with what was in my own products. It's been a long, slow journey over the last three years but I have faded out most all of the major store brand items in our home. I say slow because I would basically run out of window cleaner and then make a homemade recipe or run out of face lotion and replace it with my own cream and the same for body wash, makeup remover, and now I finally have a replacement for perfume!!

I used to wear perfume everyday until I learned of the hormone disrupting ingredients and negative affects on babies that are found in most store bought perfumes... that's scary! In a world where miscarriages are more and more "normal", I take it seriously when I find these types of ingredients in my products. So for the last three years I have not used perfume, not once. I swore it off and got rid of all of them! 

I recently fell in love with the scents of a couple essential oil blends and thought they would make perfect "perfumes". The great part is the peace of mind that I get knowing that the perfume is safe! The essential oils are thoroughly tested and they are certified pure therapeutic grade. 

Here is the recipe and supply list for you to make your own!

DIY Perfume Rollers:
- 25 drops of an essential oil blend
I chose a citrus blend and the uplifting blend but some other good options are relaxation blend and the women's blend. It just depends what type of scent you prefer. The citrus blend is a sweet citrus with vanilla. The uplifting blend is a flowery scent, without being too flowery. The relaxation blend is calming with lavender mixed in the blend, also flowery. The women's blend is a warm, musky aroma. 

Fractionated Coconut Oil (or you can try this one as well)
1/3oz Roller Bottle (a bulk pack is your best bet but there are options for buying less too... I use rollers for a lot of essential oil recipes!)

Remove roller top. Add essential oil drops. Fill with FCO and replace roller top. Now roll on and enjoy! 

I roll mine on my wrists and neck and behind my ears. I have found that mine lasts about 4 hours until I can't smell it on my wrist anymore. A good time to reapply and that is also why I like the roller bottles... they fit in my wallet clutch and are great for on the go. :)

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils please contact me!



Toddler Plate Art For Picky Eaters

The weather has finally turned to summer! It happened just like that and now I'm gearing up for boiling hot, humid Missouri summertime. :) Today's post is going to focus on something you can do all year. It takes just a minute and you will get better as you go. Also, it is one of my top recommendations for getting my picky son to eat!! Check out our plate art...

From the top left (across and then down): Cat from Puss and Boots, mouse, St Pat's good luck clovers, "smile" face, Wilson (Cast Away ;)), and a puppy dog.

Pancakes are really easy to work with and I use kitchen shears to cut it if needed. I also make a lot of faces. I try to do characters if I can so that my son gets even more excited about eating a fruit or veggie because it's Grover's nose! :)

Or a snowman's belly...

A shy goblin's eyes...

And lots and LOTS of faces!!

I also use holidays for inspiration (see St Pat's plate above!) like this Valentine's Day lunch- Heart Pizza!

I've had a lot of practice so my "art" is much more refined now but it didn't always start out there... don't be discouraged if you don't think you are creative enough! Everyone can make a smiley face!! :)

Here are links to more plate art ideas for inspiration:

Gourmet Guerilla (in German but the pictures are great)

Feeling inspired? I promise a toddler won't stick up their nose at any fun design you make... they will love it! Let me know if you try it out and if it gets your picky little one to eat.