DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Artwork

I have just picked up a few more kiddos during the day so things are crazy lately! I haven't quite figured out my balance yet so I have slacked on blogging and definitely slacked with projects around the house but I can't stay away for long. :)

When we moved into our house a little over a year ago I really started to notice how empty and unpersonalized our rooms were. I checked online for artwork and even poster prints are out of the budget! I liked this set but different colors to coordinate in my living room and A LOT less expensive.

I bought a pack of blank canvases on the cheap awhile back at a craft store when they were on clearance like this only in a variety pack with different sizes. The canvases cost me about $10 for 5 of them. I grabbed my acrylic paints which I have gathered over the last couple of years for various projects as well as paint brushes, foam brushes, and toilet paper rolls.... wait... what?! Yeah! The toilet paper rolls are really handy when you are trying to make designs with a repeat. You can use the circle, fold it in half, cut it, there are a ton of possibilities. Here's what I came up with:

I was pretty excited about the results considering I am not an artist! I saved a ton of money making my own art that I think I will try this again. :)

Have you tried to make your own art? Share with me what you used!

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