Winter 2014 Bucket List

Winter kind of just hit us like a slap in the face last week... that snow. Phew. It was fun to see how beautiful it was but I sure don't enjoy cold weather. I am lucky to not have a commute but I do have a busy 2 year old who doesn't like to be cooped up every day. Wearing him out over the next few months is going to be interesting! To help me not get stuck inside all winter I have put together a bucket list of fun things to do this winter. You may remember my post about my fall bucket list which was my first attempt at remembering to do the "fun stuff" and not get too busy with life. It went well and though I gave myself until the end of November I won't complete all 20 items... unfortunately there were some unforeseen circumstances that put the kabash on a couple but overall I am so glad I made it and really glad I tried hard to complete the items! We have a ton of memories from the fall bucket list and I am looking forward to many more from this new winter bucket list.

So here it is...

  1. Bake Christmas cookies
  2. Drink Bailey's & cocoa for dessert
  3. Go sledding
  4. Sew Christmas PJs
  5. Make snowmen and angels
  6. Drive thru lights in PJs with cocoa
  7. Meet Santa
  8. Shovel snow from the driveway
  9. Attend St Charles Christmas Traditions
  10. Have a snowman breakfast
  11. Take a carriage ride
  12. Visit zoo light display
  13. Complete 25 days of kindness (planning a blog post on this in the next week so stay tuned)
  14. Make a gingerbread house
  15. Go ice skating
  16. Make paper snowflakes
  17. Send personal Christmas cards
  18. Watch a Christmas classic
  19. Complete the Scripture Countdown to Jesus' birthday
  20. Host a game night
I am pretty excited about this list and am giving myself until the end of February to complete all 20. I have already added a bunch of these to my calendar to help me stay on track! I may just do some of these (like #2) on a regular basis too. ;) I am going to take pictures and track my progress on Facebook using #winterbucketlist2014. It will be fun to see the culmination of everything we do in the end.

Have you made a mini bucket list? What would be on your winter bucket list?


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