2015 Clean & Organized Home Challenge: Week 5 Recipes & Cookbooks

I talked about the 52 week challenge here and in January I really shaped up my kitchen! I put together a summary post where I will track all 52 weeks of the challenge. If you missed any you can check it out to get caught up.

This week I tackled recipes and cookbooks. Honestly I don't have many cookbooks, maybe two?? I have a bread machine cookbook and a kid's cookbook but the rest of my recipes are all over the place. The place where I have the most recipes is Pinterest. I love the new recipes we have tried from Pinterest but to be honest I haven't made even half of the pinned recipes! I have been meaning to go through and better organize them so this week I spent most of my challenge time on Pinterest. ;)

I went through and moved "tried and true" recipes to one board and ones that I still want to try on a different board. That way they are easier to find, easier to meal plan, and I know where to look for new meal ideas.

Also, my sister is putting together a digital cookbook (that can be printed in a number of ways as well) of recipes from our family and friends. They will be all of our favorites in one place! Here is a sample of the recipe cards... She is a graphic design major so this is her expertise. :) I love the retro contemporary feel. I haven't decided if I am going to keep it digital or print it out yet. I may try digital first and see if it works well enough!

Cute, right? Well I am just excited to have a "family cookbook". We have so many recipes just floating around!

How do you organize your recipes?


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