Toddler Plate Art For Picky Eaters

The weather has finally turned to summer! It happened just like that and now I'm gearing up for boiling hot, humid Missouri summertime. :) Today's post is going to focus on something you can do all year. It takes just a minute and you will get better as you go. Also, it is one of my top recommendations for getting my picky son to eat!! Check out our plate art...

From the top left (across and then down): Cat from Puss and Boots, mouse, St Pat's good luck clovers, "smile" face, Wilson (Cast Away ;)), and a puppy dog.

Pancakes are really easy to work with and I use kitchen shears to cut it if needed. I also make a lot of faces. I try to do characters if I can so that my son gets even more excited about eating a fruit or veggie because it's Grover's nose! :)

Or a snowman's belly...

A shy goblin's eyes...

And lots and LOTS of faces!!

I also use holidays for inspiration (see St Pat's plate above!) like this Valentine's Day lunch- Heart Pizza!

I've had a lot of practice so my "art" is much more refined now but it didn't always start out there... don't be discouraged if you don't think you are creative enough! Everyone can make a smiley face!! :)

Here are links to more plate art ideas for inspiration:

Gourmet Guerilla (in German but the pictures are great)

Feeling inspired? I promise a toddler won't stick up their nose at any fun design you make... they will love it! Let me know if you try it out and if it gets your picky little one to eat.


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