2015 Clean & Organized Home Challenge: Week 2 Kitchen Cabinets

Week 2 of the challenge I talked about here and this has been really helpful but it is a challenge! This week is the kitchen cabinets. Some of our cabinets could use some more organizers but it's not in the budget right now. Either way I took it as an opportunity to pull everything out and clean the cabinets. Let's face it, I haven't cleaned them like this since we moved in almost three years ago. I know, embarrassing, but hopefully I'm not alone in this? I won't make you admit it but maybe you'll be motivated to clean them out now. ;)

Week 2 Kitchen Cabinets:

Before Pictures: (Just a few)

  1. Start at the top cabinets and work your way down.  
  2. Rearrange dishes/utensils if necessary. 
    • Consider how often, where, when you use it. 
    • Silverware should be in a drawer closest to your kitchen table
    • Plates, bowls, cups should be located close to the counter top where you do the most prep for meals. 
    • Cups near the refrigerator. 
    • Cooking utensils/pots/pans/baking dishes near the oven and microwave. 
  3. Clean out and wipe down each cabinet as you go.
  4. Clean the doors as you finish up! Don't forget to sanitize the handles. 


After Pictures and Side by Side Comparisons:

I got rid of a lot of expired medicines and moved the shelves. We can fit more and it's all still within my short person reach. :)

I removed some dishes and added our blender to the middle shelf so that it's easily accessible because we are using it for smoothies a lot lately!

We moved the alcohol from the floor in our pantry to the cabinet above the microwave because we needed to think about a place out of reach of the kids. Plus there is an outlet in the cabinet (for the microwave but there is one unused) so we can plug our wine opener in and easily get to it without it sitting out on the countertop.

The spice holders on the door can be found here.

Where did the bibs go?? Moved to the pantry and and really easy to get to! Could also be done inside a cabinet door too.

I plan on getting an organizer for this drawer but in the meantime I got rid of a bunch of stuff we never use and that has helped with the craziness!

I cleared out this drawer of random cups, bibs, placemats, and containers. It is now dedicated to my kiddos plates, bowls, and cups. My son, 2.5 years old, now helps me get ready for dinner. He grabs a plate (or bowl) and a cup and I help him dish up and sit down at the table. It's fun to see him choose too. One day he wanted a bowl for his sandwich... I didn't fight it! He has a lot of fun with it and giving him the ability to choose gives him the power he craves. :)

Do you have any organized/clean cabinet tips? Did you complete this week's challenge? Please share!

Have you joined the challenge? It's still not too late! Join and follow along with me. :)



  1. My kitchen cabinets need some serious attention. We are trying to address one at a time. Days when we don't have much time, one drawer. Days with a little more, entire cabinets. It is such a great feeling to open a drawer and be able to find what you are looking for.

    1. That's one thing I like about this challenge... its pushing me to get it done. And because I am blogging about it I feel held accountable! I'm not good at slowly doing it because I just forget. :(

      Thank you for stopping by!