DIY: Painted Doors

Last year I saw a few pins on pinterest for black doors and I was instantly drawn to it. When thinking about how you can make something so plain (a regular, builder grade, 6-panel door) beautiful, unique, and rich you would be please to find out how inexpensive this project is! It was just the cost of a gallon of paint!! We painted five doors (including a pocket door), the inside of our front steel door and both sides of the door from our laundry room to the garage.... and we still have paint leftover. Seriously, this cost less than $40 and what a huge impact!

When we took the first door down we tried a paint sprayer but didn't like the texture that it gave so we brushed and rolled the doors instead. We did not take down the pocket door because we would also have to remove the door moulding and thought that was unnecessary. We taped it and painted it while up and really it worked out great. We painted three coats on each door to make sure it covered the white so we were able to paint two doors a day.

So what do you think? Is this something you could see in your home?


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