DIY Playroom Felt Board

I am telling you the weather outside is HOT! I don't even like going to get the mail or letting the dogs out when it is this hot/muggy. So I have been happy to work and play in the new playroom. :) I am slowly getting the room together with a handful of projects so hopefully I will get those posted here in the next few weeks as well!

But the most recent completed project is a felt board. I wanted some kind of board with flexibility for many different educational lessons. I considered a chalkboard - traditional but chalk is messy, a white board - markers didn't make me excited... and what if they thought writing on any wall was ok??? So those options were out and then it hit me! Felt! Felt sticks to felt and I can make anything I want out of the felt. BINGO! Plus it's still fairly inexpensive. I bought a large piece of neutral felt using a 40% off coupon for less than $10 and I bought a ton of felt pieces for under $10 as well. For a total of less than $20 I have an AWESOME board that we can play and learn with. :)

So here's what I used:
- Large piece of neutral felt
- Many (25ish) pieces of colorful felt
- Wood trim
- Nailer

First, we cut the felt to the right size as well as the wood trim. Next, I used push pins to secure the felt to the wall in the correct spot ensuring that it was flat against the well. Using the nail gun we nailed the trim pieces to the wall (finding the studs where possible) to finish and frame the felt. The trim makes it look official!

Lastly, the fun part! I cut out shapes, letters, and numbers to use on the board. I am working on shapes/objects that cover each letter of the alphabet but I have a few already.

So what do you think? Would you put this in your playroom?


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