How to Clean (and KEEP Clean) a Toaster Oven

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Cleaning.... it's never-ending... literally. But there are ways to make it quick and easy so that you don't have to spend your entire day cleaning and missing out on fun! So here's a quick tip for those counter top toaster ovens. I don't know about everyone else but we use ours a lot.... instead of heating pizza in the microwave I throw it in the toaster oven (it's crispier rather than soggy) or toast or anything really that needs heating or crispiness. So over time it gets pretty grimy! I figured it need to be a part of my regular cleaning routine here's what I recommend for you guys to make it much easier!

For this first deep clean I:

  1. Removed the rack and the bottom pan 
  2. Soaked and scrubbed both with baking soda and vinegar (and my favorite, handy-dandy cleaning tool, a toothbrush). While these were soaking I made a vinegar, baking soda, lemon paste and used the toothbrush to scrub the rest of the oven. NOTE: Please unplug before you do any of this! Don't burn yourselves.... that will halt your cleaning for sure! 
  3. Scrubbed the door (both sides), the heating strips, the sides, bottom, outside buttons, etc.  
  4. Took a damp cloth over the entire oven and then followed up with a dry, clean cloth. 
  5. Once all pieces were clean I got out my aluminum foil.... pay attention... this is where you have an ah-ha moment and your future cleanings become so much easier! I wrapped foil around the pan that goes in the bottom of the oven. Yeeeeeah, that was anti-climatic but I swear this will make it easier. 
Along with the foiled pan if you wipe it down after each use then a deep clean is only needed once a month (or maybe a little longer depending on how much you use yours) and all you will have to do is a quick wipe down and replacement of the foil.

This literally takes less than 5 minutes! Hooray for quick and easy cleaning! :)

Keep an eye out for my next cleaning post... I am going to explain my methods and secrets to a clean home without spending hours each day cleaning! In fact I guarantee a clean home in 30 minutes or less each day.

What cleaning secrets do you have? Please share! I always look for new, improved ways!




  1. Great info - I'm not a massive fan of those toxic chemicals you can buy - using baking soda seems to be a pretty popular choice these days! I admittedly did resort to professional oven cleaner kent or oven cleaner birmingham based companies to do mine when it got bad until I read posts like this, so thank you! But I actually have a tip that I found really helped: EVERY time you use the cooker, just give it a quick wipe over, inside and out. I found a sponge (just water, nothing else) as the oven was cooling down to remove the spillages and grease from that cook really helped stop the build up and I don't reach that horrible black, baked on stage any more! Thanks for the advice.

    1. Great tip! It is taking the extra 30 seconds to do things like that (wiping it down after each use) that makes cleaning easier and faster! :)

  2. Can you tell me the amount if each ingredient to make the paste? I would like to try it on the inside of a toaster oven that looks really bad.

    1. Try starting with 1/4 to 1/3 cup vinegar, a few quits of lemon juice or juice from a quarter of a lemon. Next add baking soda slowly until it becomes a creamy paste. I like mine a little thinner than toothpaste!

      I hope this helps!

      Come back and visit again soon. :)


  3. Most toaster oven manufacturers specifically say NOT to wrap the crumb tray in foil. The foil can cause the toaster oven to overheat and catch fire! Instead, it's safer to wrap the food in foil - the food will heat faster and the foil with still block spills, keeping your oven cleaner.

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  5. Thanks for the article it was very informative. I clean my toaster oven on a regular basis and I've found that using compressed air duster really helps with cleaning out all the crumbs that get stuck in those hard to reach places.

  6. Awesome. Glad to see a natural paste & this sounds super do able. Thanks!

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