DIY: Baby Story Book

I am LOVING my time at home with Mason. He is so sweet and it's been a great bonding experience. I am also really excited to try our infant/child education program called Parents as Teachers. The program is designed to help parents educate and prepare children for school. More to com on that I am sure!

On of the fun things I have been able to focus on now that I am home is transitioning Mason to vegetables and fruits. Mason has really been enjoying his homemade baby food.  He loves butternut squash and pears too. He is not so much a fan of green beans though haha :) This morning I gave him a big spoonful of butternut squash and he decided to give me a big sneeze. Yup. A nice coating of butternut squash all over my face, glasses, arm, etc. It was cute none the less because he thought it was funny and gave me a little chuckle after!

See the spatter? Yeah he get too distracted to look at the camera now but I thought he was still cute with all that mess. 

Okay getting to my point! I recently ordered and received my son's baby book (finally now that he is 6 months... I know) and I am so excited about it. I turned the maternity journey and his birth into a story. One that we can read as he grows up.... Many kids like to hear about when they were born and this is an easy way to document his birth while telling a story in a book that we can read over and over. I stumbled upon a blog at some point in the last year with a story child's book (though I think it was for an older sibling when their younger sibling was born) but wouldn't you know I can't find that blog anywhere now. I like giving credit but maybe I just dreamed that up? That is why I pin things because I can't remember all these ideas and blogs!

So I have used a couple of photo book sites and so far my favorite is Mixbook. I first used it a couple years ago because there was a Groupon ($15 for $50) which turned out to be an AWESOME deal. I used it for my wedding book. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars through my photographer, I made my own through Mixbook and it turned out great. Plus it was less than $50 with the Groupon. Whoop! Love saving money. :)

So anyhow, here is a couple of snapshots of Mason's book and I have included a link for you to sign-up for Mixbook. If you use my link you will save $10 off your first book! Go here to sign-up and get your savings.

Here are the other pages!

Wondering how the next baby story book will go? :) Time will tell!

-> Kassy <-

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