Fast Metabolism Diet: Week 1 Review

So I made it through the first (of four) week of the Fast Metabolism Diet and I think like most changes there were positive and negative so this second week I am trying to put an upside spin on those negatives. Here are my thoughts on each of the phases:

Phase 1: Fruit & Carbs
This was a pretty easy start. Who doesn't love fruit all day? I love fruit and carbs are decently easy but keep in mind it is not the carbs you might think of... it's gluten free and no added sweeteners. I turned to organic brown rice, quinoa, and sprouted grains. I tried this recipe on Haylie Pomroy's (creator of FMD) website for brown rice flour tortillas. Yuck. Seriously gross. But overall, the phase was pretty easy. Here are my phase specific tips:
- Plan your cardio right after a snack/fruit to feed off of that boost in blood sugar. If I didn't then I got lightheaded.
- Keep it easy if you have to pack a lunch. I found individual microwave packs of brown rice that cooked in 3 minutes.

Phase 2: Veggies & Protein
I imagine this phase is difficult for about 90% of the people attempting this diet. It is pretty difficult to eat almost only vegetables and protein for two days straight. I literally forced myself to eat on that second day but started finding some hacks that worked pretty good. Here are my tips:
- Use your seasonings!
- Make a dressing-less salad less dry with fresh lemon or lime juice.
- Find a jerky that you love. It is so worth it for those snacks. The jerky protein bars I tried were not good! But it is probably just personal preference. See picture for reference.

Phase 3: Healthy Fats
The weekend is so difficult, especially over the summer. We are on the go and have parties and barbeques (we're just that popular... hoping you are picking up on my sarcasm!) and it makes it hard to stick to this regimen but I found myself dedicated to at least making better choices. For instance, we had a boating outing with our small group and I stuck to only two gluten free items and one gluten free beer, Omission. It was pretty good! And I only had one. :) On Sunday after church we went on an impromptu shopping outing and the food court had zero options (big surprise) so I went with what I thought would be the path of least damage and got a fruit and non-dairy smoothie. I do believe they added sweetener but wasn't positive. It is something I need to nail down for the next weekend! Here are my tips:

- Stay on top of your meal plan... carry your snacks with you. A little baggie of raw nuts is perfect.
- Don't be afraid of one cheat... be afraid of one cheat at every meal or even one a day. When you give yourself slack you just fall back into old habits.
- Make yourself something "sweet" and tasty. This is a great phase to feel like you're treating yourself. I made a PB Chocolate shake for breakfast Saturday morning and it was perfect. Recipe to come!

A picture of my son making friends with all of the mannequins when shopping on Sunday... He is pretty funny! "Anoter fake person! Take a piture pease." He was making friends everywhere we went. :)

Here is a link to my meal plan from last week. I tried updating it to reflect what I actually did so you would have an idea. But it should be used for just that- ideas. I will post my meals each week and you can see what I did to help with your own meal planning. I highly recommend trying new things each day and finding favorites that you can plug in later. I worked up Week 2 meal plan with a couple of favorites but still incorporated new ones. I want to come out of this with meal options that the family will love and that I can continue to make without reverting back to old habits.

Overall the first week was a success. I am going to slide this in at the end because I don't like it to be the main point or highlight. This diet as, I mentioned earlier, is more focused on eating right and getting your body back on track over weight loss, though it is likely to be a positive consequence. I lost about 8lbs in those 7 days. I feel pretty good, have energy, not starving, and I love that I am losing some of my squishiness haha but most of all I am starting to feel better about saying "NO" to sweets. That is my number one goal here!

Let me know if you decide to try the diet, if you have questions, or if you have ideas for that crazy phase 2!



  1. i have been collecting diet plans for myself. thanks for sharing it.

  2. Interesting post. I may be interested in doing this myself as I just had a baby 6 months ago and I'm trying to finish the last of my weight loss. I need the energy boost and goodness knows I don't remember to eat most of the time anyway. It seems simple enough. LOL @ the baby with the mannequins.

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