25 Days of Kindness: Day 22 Librarian Love

As a stay at home mom I have learned about a lot of awesome "free" events, classes, etc in and around our community. We love to go out and about but most things cost and we just don't have the budget to pay for activities every day. One of our favorite activities is story time at the library.... really any class at the library. We have three libraries within a couple minutes of our house so we frequently visit them. Our favorite one is the Spencer Road library which was built, brand new a couple years ago. It's huge and beautiful and new of course. I forgot all of the amazing things the library offers. We went as kids all the time, each had our own library card. Now they offer even more but story time is the same and it's still as awesome as it used to be 20 years ago. Ok, maybe 25 years ago. :/

It's been a long time coming that we did something nice for the librarians who patiently work with my son. He loves story time but he doesn't follow the story time norms- sitting by your parent and listening to the librarian. He likes to stand very close, right in front of them, and repeat all the words they read and point out the pictures in the books.

I've tried getting him to sit by me or even force him and it never ends well and really, I am just glad he is so into the books. It's not really even a bad thing in my mind. But the librarians know him by name now and they are, thankfully, patient with him so we put together some mini Christmas bouquets for them.

I found a big, festive bouquet at Costco and just split it into five mini ones. I wrapped wet paper towels around the stems after trimming them. Then covered the paper towels with clear plastic wrap. I grabbed some tissue paper and ribbon to make them look pretty and poof.... a thank you for each of them. :)

I know it's not a lot but hopefully they know that we love them and all they do!

Today we read through Psalm 95. My son, he loves to pray and say "Amen" but recently he has been asking to read the "by-bell" and it is one of the cutest things. I love that I am enjoying reading my bible more too!

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