25 Days of Kindness: Day 7 Gift Card Giveaway

Today I dropped the ball... yes yes not everything over at the McMichael house is perfect and rosy and right. I had 10lbs of pasta in my trunk to drop off for the church pantry. I completely forgot to drop it off this morning! So Plan B. I took a page out of our local radio station's, JOYFM, book. They call it "Sharing some joy". Many of the joy testimonials they share are paying for someone behind you in drive thru or paying for the groceries of someone in front of you at the store. I don't have a large budget and the store was mostly quiet so my solution was to buy a gift card and leave it there for the next person. I was able to buy a gift card for $15 and hand it back to the cashier.

Don't mind the milk and cookies I bought too haha. :) 

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed lately. Just the holidays, they always get me and with me dropping the ball on today's kindness I needed some good verses. Psalm 55 is a good reminder of God's strength... a good reminder to not fear and to put your worries on him. Let go of the anxiety.

I will get those 10lbs of pasta to the food pantry another day and I don't need to stress about it.

Have you been letting the stress of the holidays get you down? I feel like it's so normal yet why should it be? I'm going to try to change the cycle.


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