Whiskey & Balsamic Vinegar Steak Marinade

I'm getting straight to the point today.... Have you seen this pin floating around?

I sure have and thought it looked delicious so I repinned it. Well I was so disappointed to find out that blog was deleted. :(  But it seemed like it was a pretty straightforward so I decided to just go for it yesterday for dinner. Oh I do not regret it one bit! It was entirely too good. I bought a two pack of bacon wrapped filet mignon ($6 at the supercenter) which I thought would be perfect to try with this marinade.

First I pierced the filets with a fork on both sides all over. I used one shot of whiskey and one shot of balsamic vinegar and poured both over the filets in a small container. The mix started seeping in immediately and the strength of the whiskey filled my fridge while it marinaded. :) After about an hour I put the filets in a glass baking dish and broiled them for 8 minutes on each side. They were tender, juicy, and very full of flavor. The words from my hubby's mouth "It tastes like red wine!" He LOVED these filets. I will say that I added a little bit of italian seasoning too just for a little something extra and because I don't like to add flavor with salt. These were great with some garlic whipped potatoes and edamame. A glass of red wine wine would have also been a delicious pairing.

I hope you try it (and like it) soon! If you do try it then let me know what you think.

-> Kassy <-

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