Quinoa Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Recently, I have become a fan of quinoa. I like rice (though my husband doesn't) and can easily substitute and use quinoa to provide a little bit more protein and nutritional value. Quinoa is considered a grain but is actually a seed. It has a similar texture to rice and takes on flavors that you cook with it. For example, you can use broth (chicken or beef) with quinoa or fresh herbs and EVOO and the quinoa will take on those flavors. I have tried a number of recipes lately and started experimenting as well. I pulled this recipe together one day because I had italian sausage and peppers to use up before the went bad (or I had to freeze them). I call it "breakfast" but the first time we tried this recipe it was for dinner and it was delicious either way!

So here's the deliciousness.... :)

- 1 lb italian sausage
- 1 large green pepper (or any color that is your favorite)
- 3 large eggs
- 1 cup uncooked quinoa
- 2 T italian seasoning

Cook/brown italian sausage in large skillet. In a separate saucepan cook 1 cup quinoa according to directions on package. While the sausage and quinoa cook, dice the large pepper. When the sausage is cooked push the meat to one side and crack all three eggs in the cleared side of the pan. You can use a separate pan but I am all for fewer dishes! After the eggs cook for a few minutes (the yolk may still be runny) chop up the egg and continue chopping to help it cook and when the eggs are cooked and chopped you can mix them into the sausage. Next, mix in the cooked quinoa and italian seasoning. You can mix the peppers in at any time but I like them to be raw so I fold them in before serving.

And that's pretty much it! Now you can enjoy.... really enjoy. :)

What quinoa recipes have you tried that are delicious? I am interested to try some new ones!

God Bless and Happy 4th!


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