DIY Bird Mobile

When I was first pregnant with #2 I was a little worried that I would end up loving one kiddo more than the other or that I wouldn't have the same love for my little girl that I have for our son... we think he's pretty great. But it's been great getting to spend time with our baby girl and it's amazing how much "extra" love I have for her and still love our son. When I thought I had reached my love limit (haha) God showed me that in fact I had more love to give. :) It's been wonderful and I love spending time with both of them everyday.

One of my favorite projects from my son's nursery was his mobile. It's still hanging above his changing table and we talk about the colors and shapes and count them every day. I knew a mobile was on the DIY list for our baby girl's nursery too.

Her nursery theme is birds with pink, teal, and gold. I envisioned a mobile where the birds "fly" out from under a birdcage. For this project the birdcage I used is from Amazon. It was originally a brown color but I spray painted it gold to match the rest of the accents in the room. The reviews weren't great but I was actually pleasantly surprised. It was definitely perfect for the mobile.

The birds were made from fabric scraps in the colors of the nursery. I found this free pattern and used that for all of the birds. The birds sewed up pretty quickly too.

When finished with the birds I used fishing line to hang them from the cage. I staggered them at varying lengths and from different wires. The clear fishing line makes them look like they are "flying".

We hung the mobile from the ceiling with ribbon above the changing pad. I can't wait until it starts catching our baby's eye and we can talk about the colors and what sounds a bird makes and count how many birds there are. :)

Total Bird Mobile Cost:
Fabric scraps: FREE!
Fishing Line: $1
Bird Cage: $29
Spray Paint: $3
Total: $33!!

This is an easy, cheap DIY that adds some fun, whimsy, and character to the room. The nice thing is that you can do it for any theme... check out my son's nautical mobile here which was only $20!

If you have a theme but aren't sure what you could do for a DIY mobile then let me help brainstorm.. just let me know in the comments or send me an email and I'll brainstorm a few ideas for you.


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