DIY Framed Initials

As the nursery was coming together I decided to incorporate her name or initials somehow to make the room more personal. I had previously seen this beautiful nursery and loved the framed initials above the crib. It would go nicely on our wood accent wall... a white frame to match the furniture and gold letters to match the other accents in the room. Perfection!

I planned on buying a white frame but gosh they are expensive when you want one that is the size that I needed. I priced them out between $50-100 and the lower priced frames were boring and flimsy. That's when my handy hubby jumps in with a bright idea to save the day. :)  He had some leftover baseboard trim from this project and leftover door trim from this project so he went to work combining the two to create a beautiful, sturdy frame. He stacked the two pieces together and glued them BEFORE he made any cuts. Why you ask? Well because he's so smart! He knew that making all those cuts would be timely but also no cut is perfectly cut at the correct angle which would cause so much headache when matching them up later.

Here are a couple pictures of the side of the frame where he lined up the outside edges and where the boards meet at the corner. Looks like an exensive frame but really it's free... FYI if you didn't have these matetials on hand like we did then you could pick up single pieces for about $10 at a big box hardware store. Not bad! We painted a coat of white over the frame to finish it off. We used the white paint we used for the dressers... stay tuned for that post coming up in a couple days, it's a good one!

For the initials I picked up some letters from Hobby Lobby. They were originally $10 but you can use a 40% off coupon from your mobile phone to lower the price to $6 each, $18 for all three letters. The letters were a distressed black so I picked up a small gold spray paint can for $4. I used the leftover spray paint to paint the curtain rod which was a dark brown... I figured gold would tie it all together!

Here is the finished product laid out on the floor to get the positioning right before hanging it.

And here it is up on the wood wall... pretty right?

The total for this project is $22 ($32 if you need to buy the trim).

Check back because soon I will post a full nursery reveal where you can see the entire wood wall with these framed intials as well as everything else.

Until then let me know what you think of this project. I could see this above a couch/loveseat, in a foyer, hall, or a smaller scale with just a single surname initial for a gallery wall... basically it's pretty versatile, just get creative!


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