Birdhouse Nightlight/Lamp

For this post I am doing something a little different.... meaning I am not blogging about any personal DIYs or projects I've completed but rather one that was a gift to us. My father-in-law, who made this lighthouse lamp for my son's nursery, made another one-of-a-kind light but this time it was for our daughter's nursery.

Awhile back I found the cutest little birdhouse lamp on pinterest (see picture below). I had to do some digging and searching because the pinterest link was bad but I was able to find an empty Etsy shop of a Spanish lady. It appeared she no longer sold these lamps but maybe at one time did. I shared this with my husband and father-in-law and he came up with a nice handmade alternative.

He's pretty handy so the pull chain controls three different lighting options. The first pull is a lamp light that shines out of the bottom. The second pull is a night light at the top of the birdhouse and the third pull is a color changing light. :)

The birdhouse is made out of scrap wood and he used the same paint that I used on the DIY artwork that I made for the nursery. It ties in nicely to the rest of the room and for $7 I found a teal bird charm that attaches to the chain.

Isn't that neat? It sits next to the rocker recliner so I have a little light during late night feedings and later it will be a night light for our little one to enjoy. It's a great addition to the nursery and I think now "Pappy" has set up a new tradition of making one-of-a-kind lights for the each grandchildren's nursery. :)

What traditions does your family have for the grandchildren or children?


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