Girl First Birthday Gift: Something Old and Something Blue

I shared here that our daughter turned ONE last month. ONE! ah! We celebrated her first year with a Pink & Gold Sweet Baby Girl First Birthday Party which was a blast. Along with the normal gifts of toys, books, and clothes we decided to get her something that she will hopefully cherish for many years to come.

I had heard of giving a handkerchief to your daughter as a gift when she is young. Later the handkerchief would be her "something old" on her wedding day. I loved the idea so we did something similar. I found a cute handkerchief with blue flowers embroidered on it.

I also found a local embroiderer who would put her first and middle names on the handkerchief leaving room for a last name to be added at a later date. She was so affordable too! $5 and had it finished in no time. Here's her Facebook page.

Once I had the handkerchief ready I wrote a little poem to go with it...

As we celebrate your first year,
We give you something to wipe a tear.
When the day comes to say "I Do"
You'll have something old and something blue.

I hand wrote the poem on a piece of card stock and put that in a frame with the handkerchief. It's something she can keep in her room or wherever until she gets married. At that point she can carry it with her or sew it inside her dress for her wedding day. I hope that someday she will love and cherish this gift even though she may not understand it now!


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