DIY Make-up Remover- Just 2 Easy Ingredients!

I ran out of my make-up remover awhile back and figured I would make my own, of course. :) I asked around for good ingredients and surprisingly I got a lot of the same recommendation. Coconut oil! Lucky for me I have it in my pantry all the time.

I tried it and it was amazing. I would take a dollop on my finger and rub my eye lids with it. It makes a mess and you look like you had a rough night or have been crying your eyes out but then you simply wipe it all away! It is so easy and good for your skin I might add.

I like to do some double duty with it though. Make-up remover and eye cream in one. I had some Vitamin E oil on hand and I know the amazing benefits of it so I added that to the coconut oil for an added boost. So far I have been loving this mixture.... It removes eye make-up with ease, is good for the skin around your eyes- antioxidant rich and moisturizing, and so easy to make!

Here's the How-To:

1 1/2 tablespoons virgin, expeller-pressed coconut oil (<- A good deal when added to your Amazon Subscribe and Save!)
1/4 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
A small dish, bowl, squirt bottle, or a condiment/shot cup (which is what I use!) to store it in

Mix. Ha! I told you that was easy!!

Dab a little on your finger, rub gently over your eyes where you have make-up, then wipe away with a soft cloth (I sewed squares of scrap flannel to use which I wash and reuse). You will not want to use a washcloth as they are too rough and the skin around your eyes is sensitive! This is shelf stable for a looong time. You will use it up in about 1-3 months depending on how often you wear make-up.

As always, if you try it, come back and let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.

Thanks and check back tomorrow to find out the recipe for my Miracle Cream.... I use it for wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc! :)



  1. This is very helpful and useful and so easy! I will definitely have to try it! Thank you for the user friendly do it yourself instructions!

    1. Thank you Alyce! Glad you stopped by... I hope you love it as much as me! :)

  2. A massage therapist once told me to use coconut oil on my skin and I went out and bought some. However, I always smelled like coconut, which is a pleasant smell in small doses.
    I like the idea of using it for make up removal, never thought of that before, but will give it a try.

    1. Hi Debra! Thank you for visiting!! Just a fun fact for you... if the coconut oil smells sweet, like coconut, then it is not refined or processed like others that have no smell.... And that is a good thing! :) It really is great for your skin. My daughter has a dairy intolerance so when she eats dairy her eczema flares up. I use coconut oil with a drop of lavender essential oil to soothe it and it smells amazing. A quick way to change the scent and add additional benefits if you don't like the coconut smell! :) Come back again soon!

  3. Thank you Kassy, this looks great! I saw your Miracle cream post, so I will check our or health food store for the ingredients!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Terri. What I love about this make-up remover and also the miracle cream is that they use the same ingredients... just add frankincense to the make-up remover and it really works miracles! Would love to "see" more of you around here. :)

  4. Brilliant!!! I love this idea!

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