DIY Ombre Hair

With the nice summer weather I have been motivated to clean, organize, and change things up a bit. Keep watching for some fun organization tips and some new projects in the next few weeks! I'm planning to blog about the new floors my husband and I installed, new trim, painted doors, a laundry room makeover, DIY cleaning supplies, landscaping, and some fun recipes too. It has been too long since my last post but as you can see we were busy!

But for now I want to share my latest beauty project. I am sure you have seen ombre EVERYWHERE these days and even as a new hairstyle. So since my hair was blah and I had not done anything fun with it since before I got pregnant in December 2011 I wanted to try out an ombre look. But have you been to the salon lately?! Prices are skyrocketing for any services. I don't mind keeping people employed but I just can't pay $100+ on my hair and the have it touched up or redone a few weeks later. I'm a cheapskate, remember? :) That being said I conned my wonderful sister into doing a DIY ombre hair color treatment on my hair! It sounds crazy and complicated but it was not too bad, just LONG. Here's what we used: 

Step 1:
Make sure you use a clean head of hair but not freshly conditioned. Hair should be dry to start but can be wet if you are running short on time.

Step 2:
Separate your hair into 4/5 sections (depending on how many dyes you have, 4 sections for 4 dyes, 5 sections for 5 dyes, etc).

Step 3:
Dye your crown (top section) the first color as directed. Clean and rinse as directed as well.

Step 4:
Dye the second section the second color as directed as well as the portion of the first section that overlaps the second section. Clean and rinse as directed.

Step 5:
Repeat Step 4 for all of the remaining dyes as directed and working the color down to the ends which gives the ombre look.

Step 6:
Once dying is complete condition your hair. You can use your regular condition but I recommend a stronger repair conditioner because dying your hair is damaging in general. I used L'Oreal's repair serum and that really helped soften my hair.

Now you can enjoy your new ombre look!

I spent about $2 per box of color with coupons which totals $8 for my new do! :)

[Please note that I am not a beautician, a professional, etc. I am just a thrifty mama who tried this and it was a success. There are risks in doing this on your own so please follow the package directions closely!]


PS - This was months ago... a little slow on getting this blog post up so hopefully none of you compliment me on my new hair. :)


  1. Will you clarify, as I got to the next layer, do I color the hair from the above layer or do I just rinse together

    1. Hi Kendra, You will start at the top if you plan to do a lighter color at the roots to a darker color at the ends. When you get to the second layer you won't use the darker color on the second section and the end of the first/crown section. You will continue it dying less of the ends of the first section as you go. That way you have that shaded look from the top color to the bottom/ends. Just don't dye the tops of the earlier sections with the darker colors, only the ends.

      I hope I am making sense and clarifying rather than complicating it! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!