25 Days of Kindness: Day 11 Project Impact

Today was totally a lazy day. We woke up a little late, thank you Jesus for kids that like to sleep in some days, and we just grazed around the house all day. We did make these really fun popsicle stick snowflakes to adorn our living room which also by the way made me realize that wall is bare! So I've got my wheels turning on how to fill that for very few dollars in the near future. :) But back to the snowflakes...

And you can see that my wall needs more than just that painting! Eek!

A few years ago my sisters and I'm chose to stop buying gifts for each and start buying gifts for others who are in need. We don't have a lot of money but we all agreed we have everything we "need" and we would rather bless others than get another present that, let's face it, we may or may not even like. We've adopted families, bought gifts for children who weren't going to get any and this year we're helping babies.

My sister's church, Valley Church in West Des Moines, Iowa, has this really awesome program called "Project: Impact" where each month their members and friends donate specific items for a the community. For instance in July they collect school supplies for kids who will be returning to school in August and in October they collect coats and cold weather gear because Iowa winters are not something to sneeze at! In December they collect diapers and formula because when everyone is talking about "wants" there are families who still just need the essentials. There isn't anything more essential than diapers and formula. It's very cool to see how God's people take care of each other!

We pooled our money and were able to donate 336 diapers, 448 wipes, and 510 ounces of formula! It's all relative considering how quickly babies go through diapers, wipes, and formula but we were excited to make this contribution from our family this year. We ordered the diapers, wipes, and formula through Amazon Prime and shipped it directly to my sister in Iowa so she could deliver all of it to her church. :)

Today we read James 5. This chapter reminds us that we should pray in faith as well as turning to the church when we are in need.

Stay tuned for some more fun acts of kindness... we only have 14 days left!

If you want to check out what we have already done so far then check out our summary post here.


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