25 Days of Kindness: Day 23 Kind Words

It's nice to have my sisters in town. They get to hang out with my kiddos and it's just nice to see them. Today we hung out all morning, went out for lunch, and then while the kids were napping I ran to the bank and grocery store. Oh it was glorious to move so quickly in and out of the car and get things without having to calm crazy kids. :) I also took it as an opportunity to slow down, to recognize those around me, and have meaningful interactions.

I stopped at the bank first and decided to have a real conversation with the banker. He was a banker I had regularly dealt with but we never had conversations. I go to that bank about 1-2 times per month but usually have two little people in tow. I asked him about his plans for Christmas, his time off for the holidays, and then he reciprocated. He asked how I got lucky enough to do my Christmas grocery shopping without my two kids. It was interesting because with how many people he helps per day, he remembers people and he remembered us. We continued our conversation, as short as it was, and it was nice to not just go through the motions.

Next I was on to grocery shopping where I slowed down for a few minutes at the meat counter, the bakery, and the baking goods aisle. All met with friendly people who I'm sure have been working like crazy to ensure everyone who comes through the stores is able to get everything they need for their Christmas brunches and dinners.

Sometimes all someone needs to hear is that their shirt looks great on them, their hair looks nice done up like that, or that you are happy to see them. It always amazes me how a simple, nice compliment turns my day around. And what's sad is that I know that, I feel that, and I don't do it enough for other people.... Even though I recognize it's impact. It's something I am personally going to work on. I guess it can be one of my New Year's Resolutions!

We read these verses about kind words:
Proverbs 16:23-24
1 Thessalonians 5:11
Ephesians 4:29-32

It was also a fun day because we celebrated Christmas at Grandma's house. Everyone had a great time!

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