25 Days of Kindness: Day 20 Salvation Army Shelter Scarves

We're just loving all the coldness here in Wisconsin... pffff. It takes your breath away when you step outside and the numbness sets in shortly after. And oh yeah, I forgot my coat. :( For me, I can't imagine not having a warm cozy place to go to get out of the cold or even to sleep at night, especially in this ridiculously cold place!

Today my family got together for a Christmas celebration and I am so excited that a couple family members joined in this effort to donate to the Madison Salvation Army Shelter. The shelter is currently housing about 100 people per night... giving them that warm place to get out of the cold and sleep without fear of hypothermia. The scarves were ones we had around the house (I seriously had a million) and I spent the drive up and a couple of nights in the past week knitting some. My family helped with some other warm items like gloves too.

I am excited for the rest of our visit.. and only five more days left of the 25 Days of Kindness!

If you are interested in the other days in this series then check out the summary post here.


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