25 Days of Kindness: Day 8 Letters to Veterans

Yesterday was a day in American history we won't ever forget. It was the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Seventy three years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese fighter planes. There were 188 US aircraft destroyed, 2,403 Americans were killed, and 1,178 were injured*. I can't even imagine that kind of damage to such a small spot on the map! Anyhow, it got me thinking about how important our veterans are... they have risked it all for us to live without a second thought. I want Mason and Kennedi to grow up knowing how special our veterans are and why they are so special too. I also want veterans to know how grateful we are so today's act of kindness is very special.

We wrote letters to veterans and Mason helped make them "pretty". In the letters we told them a little about who we are and then we thanked them for giving us the opportunity, making it possible to live this blessed life! I think we are going to do this more often because it was fun and so meaningful.

One of my favorite set of verses is from Ephesians 6. The whole chapter is great but I love the segment "The Armor of God", verses 10-20. The armor of god, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit... all the things that we are equipped with each day as soldiers in God's army.

Take some time to love on the veterans in your life and/or send some veterans thank you letters to let them know you care. You can send letters to veterans through Operation Gratitude.


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*courtesy of Wikipedia

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