25 Days of Kindness: Day 12 Educator Thank You

Any moms out there? If you're in Missouri, you have little ones, and you have not checked out Parents As Teachers then you are missing out! It is an amazing program. Here are the goals for the program:

1. Increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices.
2. Provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues.
3. Prevent child abuse and neglect
4. Increase children’s school readiness and school success.

Our educator visits once a month (2 kiddos x 4 visits per year per child) during the school year but there are school districts that only allow one visit per year to ensure there are no issues and no extra visits. Either way, it is worth it because they can identify potential issues before you send your child to kindergarten. I love hearing about what my kids are getting right vs what they expect at that age. It is eye opening and it has helped me so much as a mom. Lots of tips, pointers, and ideas to help my kids grow and learn on track with other kids their age.

Anyhow, we really like our educator, she is nice and so helpful. She is always late, always but we just expect it now so it's not really bothersome haha. :)  But we decided it was a good time to share some kindness with her. She previously mentioned she loved coffee and coffee shops so we put together a little coffee gift for her. We're so thankful for people who care and you can tell that it's not just her job, she cares!

Here's a link to contact Parents As Teachers to sign up for their program. Or you can contact your school district directly and get there much more quickly!

Invitations of Wisdom and Folly from Proverbs 9 was our scripture reading today.

Happy Friday everyone! :)

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